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Our sauna area offers you different types of saunas for the different needs and preferences of our guests.


In our 'organic' sauna you can enjoy a gentle form of a classic sauna at mild temperatures (40-60 degrees) and medium humidity (40-55%). This sauna variant is gentle on the heart and circulation and soothes the respiratory system.

Our Finnish sauna is characterized by dry heat (80-100 degrees) and low humidity (10-30%). With a visit to the Finnish sauna you stimulate your circulation and blood flow, train your blood vessels and detoxify your body.


The infrared radiation of our infrared cabin transfers heat to the skin without contact. Because of its warming and soothing effect, infrared radiation is often called "heat radiation". It strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism, relieves tension and can also improve back pain.


Enjoy your feel-good time in our sauna area!

Feel-good area

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With active natural ingredients and our modern know-how we offer you an incomparable and relaxing feel-good time.
Find the right treatment for you below and enjoy the relaxation you deserve with us.


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