Magnificent vineyards, historical monuments, castles and palaces make a stay in the Rheingau with its charming landscape an unforgettable experience.


History and stories around Eltville

Here you will find all information about Eltville: www.eltville.de

Our highlights are thematic city tours such as

"The historical old town"

"In Gutenberg's footsteps"

"Eltville Rose City"


Too dry for you? Why not try some liquid support:

"Walk like a local" (wine and hiking)

"Stroll wine tasting through the old town"


Art and Culture

For those interested in culture, we recommend a visit to the film set of "The Name of the Rose" at Eberbach Monastery

(www.kloster-eberbach.deCurrent exhibitions are communicated by the city of Eltville under the following link: https://www.eltville.de/freizeit-tourismus/kultur-veranstaltungen/ausstellungen-kunst/


Nature and relaxation around Eltville

Pure relaxation and deceleration with the llamas and alpacas at the Eventhof Kisselmühle.



Want to be active by bike?

'Fahrrad Kranz' in Rüdesheim rents individual bikes and also offers group excursions.



Boat trip on the Rhine

a must for every Rheingau vacation

Info at the KD jetty or

www.kd.com // Middle Rhine


For dates please refer to the event calendars of the regions:

City of Eltville https://www.eltville.de/freizeit-tourismus/kultur-veranstaltungen/veranstaltungskalender/

Rheingau https://www.rheingau.com/kalender/

Wiesbaden https://www.wiesbaden.de/leben-in-wiesbaden/freizeit/veranstaltungskalender/index.php


The most beautiful festivals of our region are:

Spring festival

Rose Days

Wine get-together Bubenhäuser Höhe

Strawberry Festival

Sparkling Wine Festival

Sound of Eltville

Pure nature

Christmas markets in the region


Rheingau Music Festival

The festival is one of the largest music festivals in Europe.



Our bistro is open for you daily from 10 am to 9:30 pm and offers a varied selection of dishes for small appetites.


We also serve savory and sweet delicacies for meetings, small events or tour groups. Please contact us ahead of time for organizational purposes.


Since we do not have our own restaurant, we would like to recommend restaurants that we like to visit ourselves.


Weinstube Gelbes Haus, distance: approx. 12. minutes by foot

Burgstgraße 3, Eltville

Phone: 06123-5170, opening hours: Mon - Fri from noon to 10 pm.


Pier 511, distance: approx. 15 minutes by foot

Platz von Montrichard 2, Eltville
Tel. 06123-689168, Opening hours: Wed - Sun from noon to 8 pm


Weinhaus zur Krone, distance: approx. 15 minutes by foot

Platz von Montrichard 1, Eltville

Phone: 06123-61189, opening hours: Thu - Sat from 4 pm to 10 pm,

Sun from 11.30 am to 10 pm.


Zur Weinpump, distance: approx. 20 minutes by foot

Rheingauer Str. 3, Eltville

Phone: 06123-704100 - Opening hours: Wed - Sat noon to 2 pm

and 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Sun from noon to 9 pm


Piccolo Mondo, distance: approx. 20 minutes on foot

Schmittstr. 1, Eltville

Phone: 06123- 2124, Opening hours: Thu - Tue noon to 2 pm

5:30 pm to 10 pm


Eltvinum, distance: approx. 20 minutes on foot

Schmittstr. 2, Eltville

Phone: 06123-9828424, opening hours: Tue - Fri noon to 7:30 pm


Rosenstübchen, distance: approx. 15 minutes by foot

Schwalbacher Str. 7, Eltville

Phone: 06123-793350, Opening hours: daily 11 a, to 10 pm


Altes Holztor, distance: approx. 20 minutes by foot

Schwalbacher Str.18, Eltville

Phone: 06123-2582, Opening hours Wed to Sun 11.30 am to 2:30 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm


A small selection of exquisite wineries of very good quality and refinement.


garrafas rotuladas brancas


Winery Offenstein & Heirs

Holzstraße 14, phone: 061213-2137

Vinothek is open from Mon - Sat between 10 am to 7 pm


Weingut H.J. Ernst

Holzstraße 40, phone: 06123-2363

Vinothek is open from Mon - Sat between 1 pm and 6 pm


Winery Hirt-Gebhardt

Weinhohle 16, phone: 06123-7997106

Vinothek is open from Mon - Fri between 2 and 6 pm

Sat from 10 am to 4 pm

Please inquire about bouquet management times via the respective websites




Discover the diversity of the Rheingau on foot.

Hiking enthusiasts get their money's worth on the Rheinsteig, one of the most beautiful German hiking trails. Various access routes to and from Eltville to the Rheinsteig are signposted. You can start comfortably at the Parkhotel Sonnenberg on foot.



Rheingau Monastery Trail
The hiking trail leads from monastery to monastery and many resting points
invite you to pause.
Mill hike
This hiking trail leads past no less than 13 mills to the
Marienthal Monastery. Old millstones adorn the entrances to the
Mills, information boards explain the historical background.



You can plan many more hikes yourself right here: www.outdooractive.de


grupo de pessoas andando no caminho entre o fundo da grama verde da árvore